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surface tension
do i know how to be without being so empty. or rather, so full i cannot pour without spilling in all directions
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some of us can pass through walls
but what would you take with you if you could?
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an ensemble around me;
leaves whisper empty apologies for brushing against one another,
i contemplate the deeds of Phaedra
maybe perpetual suffocation
fear of my own happiness
not feeling undeserving.. but dreading the loss of what i've (L)earned
... is holding me back, against the wind.
closing my eyes to falsehood
turning my back pulled me in the direction of humanity
i couldn't let my skin lie any longer
nevertheless, we believe what we want to believe
i'm picked to the bone
so sick of not knowing truth when i see it
my faith leads me down a gullible path
always playing tricks on myself
neither harvest nor destruction may exist apart
i am no different
though no doubt colorblind to which is which
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impress me oh untitled one
what else can you rip from my hands
there has come a time, many suns ago and many moons from now, a time of judgement
what a lapse of elevation does..
traps us in these folds
wraps us in cradles..
are you comforted by this or are you sweating out your innocence faster than before
I want to be impressed.
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and the shadows grow the trees
I'm not your knight in shining..
But I'll gleam forever, and always flicker, in the dead of night
reflecting.. light..
frosted sheath, once lustrous beneath..
hush... what's fearsome here
plate to plate, link chained by link,
i'm suited and clanging and crawling out.. of my common sense.
so force me to fight.
while this tin prison weighs in on me
and my lungs are rusting shut under my shedding skin; a grave within
insanity only knows,
writhing in the fire, how plastic shrivels and screams into itself
soon a toxic dust; an ash you cannot trust
I'd leave my brain to any fate, to avoid my heart's own livid flame
time after time's twisted hands..  
cushioning the blow
currents in every direction;
and pull the souls from the wreckage..
wings create wind
tear down to begin
as trunks slowly drown their leaves
and the shadows grow the trees
Come find me, where the forest gets thicker.
my eyes and clouded mind, I've
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we're from the same thing
before i lost my way..
I never believed in wasted time
before i lost my way
and there's no lighthouse in space,
not where i am, not where i've been
you're casting an infinite light my way, and i'm sure of it
but i've passed a few black holes on my way down,
but maybe this is up.
and i don't know what it feels like to be awake anymore
i just need you to know
nothing shines brightly enough into my heart, into my soul,
to touch my eyes;
i don't want to be too far down to reach
but which way is up
i'm wasting time
i'm wasting time
because i'm not enough
to pioneer out of my own darkness
i don't know where you are
or what direction the wind blows
so am i fighting my way to shore or am i being pulled farther and farther and farther out,
further down
i can't escape the ever-expanding darkness around me
no matter how high i fly,
don't go away
i'm scanning the horizon
like i have been since day one
stay awake
burn bright until i feel your name hot on my skin
maybe i'm just blind and your light
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lost and profound
Chased from the fantasies of my heart by the mask of this world, i took refuge in the night sky;
my unconscious mind sent soldiers,
spiders, to weave webs connecting stars
to build checkpoints,
for protection
for sight-seeing
the smear of the milky way above my fragile body, holding me tightly, fighting off the disguises of evil..
a force field
and that silver moonlight, fierce and full, cut like a sword, slicing my doubts from me and bringing me to rest
my human heartbeat mocked the passing of time.. I was nothing but a count-down, though i couldn't even tell you whats between the start and finish
these proud conversing constellations, try to whisper the secrets of what i cannot grasp..
oh the beauty, the horror
the pain- the infinite love it is to be constantly on fire
are you always this bright?
never seeing any other light...
do you have eyes that see this night sky too?
when the night and day break together into something new
i held them together and snapped them in two
where am i
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Mud Won't Burn
i think it's water..
isn't it?
tell me emotional distinctions, aren't make-believe,
i spend my life searching, for colors impossible to define
..for audio i'm not sure i can perceive
-can we?
build a radio to receive?
line by line
panning and sifting, through time, through these skies
the omniscience, the muse,
how does it feel? to refuse..
the ones who can't stop drifting
we're screaming fingerprints
subliminal and artistic
here; and now,
drop what's controlled by fear
melting into the sickness,
lights, shadow, action-
and burn through that passion,
don't stay trapped in
anything less attractive, than what one can imagine
stay. stay away,
stay away
it's time to run
they're on the hunt.
the start has begun
sometimes we get stuck sideways
mind set for (why, Y)- all days
why not
native to mountain tops
misted forest, haze
fog, like waterfalls rolling over stone
in a daze, getting stuck blind,
to ways, but love songs are love songs
and anyway,
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6am thoughts
February 5th...
just a few words coming from your way,
and everything was flipped upside down.
no sense
to me,
yet you're the most crystal clear vision in my head,
and in my heart
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Broken Glass
Why does this feel like broken glass?
The ground beneath our feet has almost nothing to do with the crystalline structure of glass.. but one can shatter the other so easily.
Every time you speak her name a pang of guilt shoots through me.
I know how you miss her, need her.. and I know I drove a wedge between those three great years
We were all the sand
Yet somehow you and I found a way to become more than that
It's beautiful
But we left that sandy floor behind
...Even though we fell toward the Earth for just a moment too long,
this broken glass can still be beautiful
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Language is the Vehicle of Concept
what is language without concept?
what is language?
a form of expression
expression of what?
ideas, thoughts, feelings, emotions... concepts.
what are concepts without language?
ideas, thoughts, feelings, emotions
neuronal fire
mental images
in the mind, in the body
they are internal.
what is language?
a form of expression or communication
what is communication?
exchange of ideas... thoughts.. feelings, emotions....
an exchange and portrayal of concepts, really.
we have 5 senses.
and we have instinct, love, intuition, fear... and so much more
language uses it all.
it is any way to express concept.
it allows these concepts to leave the mind and body.
language is how we summon these ideas, thoughts, feelings, and share.
language is the vehicle of concept
language is an art.
language is an art.
What is language without concept?
language doesn't exist without concept.
...for concept is part of the definition of language, as an art form.
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Can we be?
I miss your touch,
I wish I could be in your arms tonight;
I'm tossing and turning on my own.
It's not warm enough
It's not safe
..without you
I want to gently press my kiss to your cheek,
while you drift into slumber.
I want to trail my fingertips
over your smooth skin..
learning every curve of
your body..
I want to rest with you
I want to finally feel relaxed..
after the burdens of the day have gone
Can we simply be...
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The Wings I Never Thought I Had
I don't remember what it feels like to be happy
Happiness terrifies me, it does, because.. If I'm happy..
that means things can get worse
I'm used to living on the bottom
Living on the lowest end of my self esteem
with the balance of just enough self loathing and depression-derived romance to get me by..
so that I couldn't dip any lower
I can't dip any lower
I won't survive the crash..
I'm falling for you.
I'm falling for you
This is the first time I've ever felt like
I was being lifted
and carried away
Not falling..
I'm flying
You're teaching me to use the wings I never thought I had..
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Always Yours
You have the most wonderful way with words, My Dear.
Never have I felt more alive
Never have I felt more in tune..
with any one person
with any one moment
-I was always yours.
Even if I could express what you make me feel,
I'd need a lot more than words
A lot more than demeanor
I was always yours
.. even before we met
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You make me want to..... write
You make me want to..... write.
I will write you a poem or two.. So
please stick around until I do...
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Just Saying
forever is a lie.
and no one should care for a pretty face.
just saying..
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Anastasia Smith
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
there's too much to say..yet..not enough.
well, I like all forms of art: music, painting, drawing, writing, handwriting, editing, sculpting, designing, fashion, expression, hairstyles
anything that is a form of expression is art and I love it
I am facinated with nature and the WHY's and HOW's
i love figuring people out and seeing inside..
I'm very caring, curious, and indecisive:)

Favourite genre of music: rock/acoustic
Favourite style of art: sketches because of the raw emotion. i love photography though and how its so pure
Personal Quote: "She has a funny way of showing me how she cares"



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